Marshmallow Plunking: Catch ’em doing the right thing!

Catch who?

Doing what?

I keep forgetting to catch my students following the rules and being good citizens.  You know, being helpful and whatnot.

Especially the whatnot.

Marshmallow plunking might help!

I can start plunking marshmallows into a mug every time I catch my students being kind, following the rules, and specifically doing the right thing, and the big friendly

At the end of the month – oh, let’s start this in January, shall we? – the group with the most marshmallows gets to sip hot chocolate with me.

Oooh small issue: that pile of stale marshmallows at the end of the month…what to do? Hm, marshmallow crafts, anyone?

The Creative Classroom I love that Classroom Management Idea

[The Creative Classroom: Thank you!]


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