Noon Year’s Eve for Toddlers

Too much of a hassle to set all those clocks up by a few hours? (And how did we get so many clocks in the house anyway???)

Children's Museum of Denver NYECheck whether your local zoo or children’s museum is celebrating Noon Year’s Eve this year.

The Children’s Museum of Denver, for example, is doing a ball drop every hour on the hour. Watch as many as you can, and bedtime could be as early as 10-ish in the morning! Sweet!

Plus, you’re at the zoo or children’s museum! That’s always good.

Your Curious Toddler: When does the New/Noon Year start?

Your Brilliant Reply: At 12!!

YCT: Um…Okay!

See? Just leave off which 12 — noon and midnight. It works!

I’m looking for other toddler-able ideas: what will you do?

[H/T: NannyPro]

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