Making Boys Men: 10 Ways to Keep Young Kids Walking

Hannah from Making Boys Men is a firm believer in outdoor play.


Playing outdoors almost inevitably leads to doing lots of walking outside, right? MBM came up with a helpful list, which does exactly what it says on the tin: 10 ways to keep young kids walking.

Quite likely you do a whole bunch of these already, but go ahead and tear this page out and stuff it in your pocket for the next few walks. Do you have any tips to add to the list?

Making Boys Men 10 ways to keep young kids walking

[Making Boys Men]

Steve McCurry: Power of Play

After you’ve had all of your thoughts provoked by photographer Steve McCurry’s post Power of Play, turn off all of your electronic gadgets and go outside to play with your family and friends.

And oh sorry, no photo: I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best! So scoot on over to see what a bazillion of us are trying to tell everyone else.


[Huge h/t to PlayGroundology!]

That Phenomenal Over-the-Door School Supplies Organizer

Hands down this remains one of the better school supplies organizers I’ve seen!

Kindly help me decide: do I set it up now because I desperately need to find places for everything?

Or do I wait until August-ish when I have fistfuls of shiny new supplies for the new school year?

If this organizer is new to you, you must get thee to A Bowl Full of Lemons: you’ll get more photos and shopping info!

A Bowl Full of Lemons Over Door School Supplies Organizer

[A Bowl Full of Lemons]


Painting for Young Learners: Invisible Graffiti

Inner Child Fun (previously) called this Invisible Graffiti.

I’m going to call it a perfectly sensible way to touch up colors around the home with the bonus of being able to add stripes and polka dots where previously there were none.

Here’s what you do:

1) Use fingernail polish to paint circles on a painter’s palette. Regular paint will do, but it might not dry with that shiny wet look.

2) Count how long it takes for someone to pipe up that you’d lectured on never ever ever painting anything with fingernail polish except for fingernails.

3) Hand over the palette and a clean paintbrush, and then steer your painters out toward the world of color.

4) Make a palette for yourself and join in!

Inner Child Fun Invisible Graffiti

[Inner Child Fun]

Cloudmaking 101

I can’t for the life of me come up with a sensible reason to justify making enormous clouds.

Can you?

Well, there is the Smile Factor….

Sensible enough?

Yes! Let’s try this!


1) Blow up a small pile of balloons and tape them together.

2) Paper mache the whole thing.

3) Use spray sticky stuff to attach pillow filling.

That’s it! (Really??! I feel like I’m missing a step or twenty….!)

The Farmchicks How to Make a Cloud[The Farm Chicks]

Curb Appeal on the Cheap: Sidewalk Chalk Hearts

Oh this makes me want to race outside and start decorating the sidewalks!

Let’s get the neighborhood to help, yes?

If law enforcement people show up and ask that all-time obvious question (“What’s going on here?”), politely answer, hand them some chalk, and show them an empty space where they can draw their own hearts.

Inner Child Fun Curb Appeal on the Cheap

[Inner Child Fun]

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