A Gentle DIY Rainbow of Hearts

Is this educational (rainbow colors, how’d those colors get there, etc.)?

Is this social (cooperation, delegation)?

Or is this craft entirely fun (sticky stuff, whee!).

The teacher in me votes for all three, of course.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Use markers to draw the lines of a rainbow onto the sticky side of contact paper.

Tip: Older crafters? Bigger rainbow.

2. Hang the contact paper up on a wall at eye level with your youngest crafter.

Tip: Hang it, then peel it.

3. Punch a bazillion hearts out of colored paper.

Tip: Younger crafters? Bigger hearts.

Another tip: Any happy shape will do. Just be sure to make a whole bunch of ’em.

4. Match hearts to rainbow colors. Blueish hearts go on the blue line. Greenish hearts to go on the green line. Isn’t there a Green Line/Blue Line subway song you should be humming?

5. Set your crafters loose to complete the rainbow!

No Time for Flashcards Valentines Day  Rainbow Wall

[No Time For Flashcards]


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