Painting for Young Learners: Invisible Graffiti

Inner Child Fun (previously) called this Invisible Graffiti.

I’m going to call it a perfectly sensible way to touch up colors around the home with the bonus of being able to add stripes and polka dots where previously there were none.

Here’s what you do:

1) Use fingernail polish to paint circles on a painter’s palette. Regular paint will do, but it might not dry with that shiny wet look.

2) Count how long it takes for someone to pipe up that you’d lectured on never ever ever painting anything with fingernail polish except for fingernails.

3) Hand over the palette and a clean paintbrush, and then steer your painters out toward the world of color.

4) Make a palette for yourself and join in!

Inner Child Fun Invisible Graffiti

[Inner Child Fun]


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