Count to elebenty-two, then come find me, ok?

Helpful discovery:

You know how many Toddlers play hide and go seek using the sensible rule of “If I can’t see you, then you can’t see me”?

Turns out Toddler Giraffes use the same rule:

Shy Giraffe

Let’s go find out how the other Toddler Zoo Animals play. Start with the Toddler Pandas.

[Image via redditt — no no no, not for toddlers…..]

A year later: Puppies and perspectives

Unlike last year, I’ve had reminders a-plenty about Easter.

I’m reposting this video to help me reflect on all that has happened in the past year (although after a mere 3 rounds of all that fluffiness, it’s a bit hard to reflect coherently).

But it’s also just all about the fluff.

Must have the fluff.

Craftulate: 8 Easter crafts for young toddlers

First, Craftulate is just a fantastic name for a blog.

Second, if your toddler is still a bit new to Easter, grab your big ol’ basket and your toddler (erm, maybe not necessarily in that order), and hop on over to Craftulate.

There you’ll find 8 nifty gentle projects to add to your collection.

I think I like the contact paper, ribbon, and tissue paper egg idea the best. You?

When you’re finished there, click around for more ideas!

Craftulate: 8 Easter crafts for young toddlers

Craftulate: 8 Easter crafts for young toddlers


Mini mask-less masks: The rabbit

Quick, draw a bunny face!

Did you draw the whiskers? (Whiskers…such a fun word to say!)

Have the older ones help the younger ones wrap the chenille stems around a popsicle stick.

Read a story and do a round or two of hide-and-go-seek while waiting for the pink pompoms to dry.

Demonstrate helpful holding techniques, then help get people ready for their close-ups.

Instant grinnage, yes?

Kailo Chic: Fun Easter Crafts

Kailo Chic: Fun Easter Crafts

[Kailo Chic]

Tape and Tables and Toddlers and Labels

Help your Terrific Toddler develop fine motor skills and patience by showing her how to peel masking tape strips from a low table.

Years later as an adult, she’ll regularly have to deal with price stickers and labels on jars. These are carefully designed to never come off all in one go.

Will she resort to teeth gnashing, grumbling, and soaking the whole thing in hot water or peanut butter?


She’ll smile brightly, fondly remember her toddler years, and happily settle in for a few hours of patient scraping!

You will have prepared her well.

The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide Toddler Activities

[The Stay At Home Mom Survival Guide]

Beep beep…ah-oooo-gah?

Horseless has collected some old car horns to entertain your ears!

Rumor has it the word “beep” was invented to reflect this new sound.

Thank you to the Inventor of the Beep, because “The klaxon on the horseless carriage goes ah-oooo-gah ah-oooo-gah ah-oooo-gah” doesn’t quite fit the song, does it?

Horseless Horn 1911 Model T Ford

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