Thank you from Dr. Seuss and his Apfel Moose

Did Dr. Seuss really write this as one of his form thank you letters?

Your letter came today while I was in my studio painting a Three-Muffed Apfel Moose. It was just about the nicest letter my Three-Muffed Apfel Moose and I have ever read. Thank you very, very much. Your friend, Dr. Seuss

I don’t know for sure.

I *do* know for sure that I wish Dr. Seuss were still alive, because then I’d have the class write him a letter.

And maybe we’d get this form letter back from him.

I would like that very  very much.

Apfel moose. *triple grin* Any Dutch or German speakers out there?

Stana Critters Knitting Dr Seuss hat

One Response

  1. I got one of those letters around 1957. It means applesauce. My mother, a native German speaker (and somewhat naive) was sure that Seuss made the character just for me because our name was Appel! I still have it.


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