It’s time to go! (Round 2!)

Me: Can I take a break?

Gentle Reader: Sure…sure! Yes, of course! But…um….

Me: Why?

GR: Yes…why?

Me: I want to try new things. I want to go outside to play, get some fresh air, and do some much needed people watching. Plus, I haven’t baked blueberry muffins in *ages*.

GR: Ahhhhh. All right. You won’t be gone long, though, will you? Will you come back?

Me: Well, I did this once before, and you know me: when the muffins are ready to share, I’ll be back. Big hugs and thank you!

GR: See you later!

3 Responses

  1. Are those muffins ready yet?

    • You’d think they would be by now. Something tells me I forgot an important ingredient. Oh my manners: Hi! All is well with you, yes?

      • Yes! Good to know you’re still kicking around spiderspace. Sorry, cyberspace. I like to check up on cyberfriends every now and again to make sure they haven’t been eaten by Godzilla or something.


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