Let the Children Play: Inspiring early childhood education

A few hours ago, thanks to PlayGroundology, I landed on Let the Children Play, a nifty new-to-me blog about “inspiring early childhood education”.

Actually, nifty doesn’t even come close to describing this site. Jenny is very serious about play for children, and it shows in every idea. She works in an Australian progressive preschool and is super passionate about:

  • play based learning
  • progressive education
  • outdoor play
  • nature play

I’m grinning excitedly at all the content and have already clicked on more ideas than I can do in tomorrow’s lessons. There are a bazillion great ideas, and they all come with a healthy dose of enthusiastic down-to-earth common sense that I adore.

So much inspiration!

I want to scoop up all the ideas for my students. Much more fun would be to trot over and do my best to blend in with Jenny’s students. Think I can?

Here, read her post on ideas for music play outdoors. And her post on marble painting. Or how about making a water wall? See what I mean?

You’re going to love this site! Bookmark it, then get your kids and start playing!

Children’s music: Usa šanu

The category is children’s music, and the answer is Usa šanu usa šanu.

What’s the question?

(Those of you sitting out this round, kindly hum the Jeopardy theme song while the rest of us are thinking. Thank you.)

The question is, “What is the oldest known lullaby?”

You knew that???

Mama Lisa (oh I just love her site!) posted part of the oldest known lullaby. Here, I’ll give you the first two lines, then trot over to Mama Lisa’s to read more.

Usa šanu usa šanu
usa šanu ki dumušaŋe

You’re pronouncing it like this, right?

Oossa nganoo oossa nganoo
Oossa nganoo kee doomoongashe


Next question: What was the singer’s likely thought process behind creating this first lullaby?

Shake up your story: Ragahava KK on TED Talks

I couldn’t decide which of artist Raghava KK‘s perspectives on educating children I liked best.

So I scooped up the whole video and brought it over here for you to watch. Well, I brought the link.

He’s packed a lot into this 4:31 minute video.

Click to watch, then ponder, discuss, and tell me what you think.

Off I go to inspect his children’s book for iPad. Shake shake shake.

Oh TED Talks, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Film canisters? Holiday lights!

All you have to do for this rainy day craft is cover each Christmas light in a clear film canister.

No, wait.

All you have to do is find a good camera developing place.

Then all you have to do is politely ask the people there for a whole bunch of clear film canisters. Bring a book, finding enough canisters might take a while.

How many canisters do you need? Eh? You did count your lights, yes?

Want the happy how-to? Of course you do! Skate on over to Photojojo!

Gentle suggestion: Hang the lights up and enjoy them at your place for a night or two. Then run back to friendly camera shop people and give the lights to them to keep. Awwww.

Life to her Years: Dad’s Tips for Adding Life to a Daughter’s Years

I had just eaten a persimmon and was looking up persimmon cheesecake recipes when I somehow landed on Life To Her Years, which had me smiling pleasantly at the first few posts and then got me all whimpery for the next few posts and then I just had to sit there way past my bedtime and read all the way backwards to Number 1 which took a while and now I hand them over to you to read and suggest you go get your own box of tissues before you start because I only have 3 tissues left.

Plus there are some armloads of amaaaaazing photography. Love.

P.S. I’ll get back to those persimmon cheesecakes. Promise.

Candy Cane Valentine’s Hearts

I got this great peppermint heart idea from Jill a long time ago (I get *many* great recipe ideas from her…hi, Jill!).

My problem is that I eat all of the candy canes each year before I can make the hearts.

We still have a few candy canes left from the last holiday season, so I should make these hearts now before I eat the remaining candy canes, yes?


Let’s count: 10 candy canes, so I can make 5 hearts. May I give you one?

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