Must stifle your squeals: Famous libraries of the world

Today’s grammar topic: second conditionals.

Inevitable question: What would you do if you had a million dollars?

I usually chirp that I would give huge chunks of it to my immediate family, invest other huge chunks of it in something more or less sensible, and then, with whatever is left, take off on a 6-month cooking tour around the world.

But then I saw this list of famous libraries.

A 6-month tour of libraries around the world? Ooooh! I would do that!

What would you do if you had a million dollars?


Michael Rosen: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Quite likely you’ve already seen Michael Rosen perform his We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, yes?

This is so furiously grin inducing, I vote for the whole school to learn it and perform it. Make it a tradition!

Giggle. Laugh. Giggle. Laugh.


(Oh ridiculously happy me: Michael Rosen performs a *pile* of his poems!!!)

Scholastic Book Clubs: That Best Ever Letter from a Student

Well now I want to start sending boxes of books to all the children’s book clubs I can find: look what you can get back in exchange!

There’s so much amazingness in this letter, isn’t there? I could learn a thing or three from this guy Pedro.

Click for a clearer version, and, if your eyes could use a bit of help, it’s all typed up below that.

In the meantime, I’m adding the Origami Yoda books to my Must Read list.

Scholastic Book Clubs Best Kid Letter Ever

[Scholastic Book Clubs]

Children’s Picture Books of 2012: Have you read them all?

Inspired by The Bookshelf Gargoyle‘s post on the 1000 best sellers of 2012 (according to the Book Depository), I scooted over to the New York Times to see what it claimed were the best children’s picture books as of 22 December 2012.

I’ll post Number 10 below.

Can you guess the rest of the list before you peek?

Then I beg you to excuse me: I have a pile of children’s picture books I must curl up with and read right now. I’ll be back!

Oliver Jeffers This Moose Belongs to Me

[The Bookshelf Gargoyle/The New York Times]

You’re never too wacky, too wild

This short version will do for today.Youre Never Too Old

Come the second day of March next year, you should have the whole thing memorized! Plenty of time!

Ready? Go!

Barbapapa Totally Rocks! Erm, pet rocks, that is.

Find all of the rocks from wherever it is that you keep your rocks these days, get your paints ready, then pause for a moment to grin.

Paint Barbapapa and his family.

Grin some more.

Either keep them together or spread the family out.

Then you just hafta let the grins spill out all over the place.


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