Q as in Quapple

Out of habit, I’m almost always likely to say, “A as in Apple”.

B is pretty much always “Banana”.

C is “Carrot”.

Naturally, all of my ears perk up when I hear what other languages do.

Take a look at Nicole Designs’ fruit and vegetable alphabet.

Gorgeous isn’t it? (Oh, you should see the rest of the site!!)

And no, I wasn’t really thinking, because I immediately galloped off to find out in which language people say, “Q as in…Quapple??”

Oh silly me.

Nicole Designs dot nl alphabet

Nicole Designs dot NL Alphabet Q

[Nicole Designs]

T is for Tulip

My oddest summer job? Peeling tulip bulbs!

I found it so miserable that I lasted only 2 days and swore off liking tulip bulbs for a long time after.

But I like ’em now.

Plunk a stack of origami paper down and start making these tulips.

Just don’t plunk ’em in water when you’re finished.

Origami Club Tulip

Yep, from the same person who brought you Origami ABCs and 123s.

[via Cool Mom Picks]

Popsicle Garlands

First thoughts: Wait, how many popsicles will we need to make and eat so that we have enough to make this garland? Ohhhh….that’s a whole bunch of popsicles. Tummyache time. Oef.

Realization: Wait! We can simply buy a kit! Yay!

Second thoughts: Wait…. I’d rather make and eat the popsicles. Mmmm…….!

Paper Source: Popsicle Garland

[Paper Source via Kid Crave via Swiss Miss]

Popcorn cherry blossoms and a bazillion other spring garden activities

If you’re up for being overwhelmed by an enormous pile of spring flower and garden-related crafts, games, and recipes (and who isn’t these days?) get your biggest, most emptiest bag and skip on over to Kid Activities.

I think I’ll start with popcorn cherry trees, because I missed them in Tokyo this year and because there’s just enough popcorn under the sofa cushions left from last week’s movie night to make a tree or three.

Kid Activities Seasonal Flower Theme

[Kid Activities via Apartment Therapy]

Mini mask-less masks: The rabbit

Quick, draw a bunny face!

Did you draw the whiskers? (Whiskers…such a fun word to say!)

Have the older ones help the younger ones wrap the chenille stems around a popsicle stick.

Read a story and do a round or two of hide-and-go-seek while waiting for the pink pompoms to dry.

Demonstrate helpful holding techniques, then help get people ready for their close-ups.

Instant grinnage, yes?

Kailo Chic: Fun Easter Crafts

Kailo Chic: Fun Easter Crafts

[Kailo Chic]

Making Easter magic in the muffin pan

Hey, do you still use your muffin pan to make muffins?

Make muffins? Pfffft…who does that anymore? Goodness no, not muffins. For muffins we use our electric muffin maker.

Today: coloring Easter eggs and finally using *all* of the colors in the package! Yay!

Lakeline Easter eggs in muffin tin

Photo credit: Lakeline


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