Friday Meeting Fun: Teeny Tiny Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

Can you quietly add the how-to to this week’s meeting agenda?

And tell everyone to bring their own scissors, please.

I’ll bring the pipe cleaners and a few baskets to collect the bunnies after the meeting.


Makes and Takes Teeny Tiny Pipe Cleaner Bunnies[Amy from Makes and Takes]

Weaving a Wild Blue Web

Painter’s tape can make an easy spider web.

Says the teacher in me: All right, how can we make this educational? Hmmm…maybe connect it to Eric Carle’s The Very Busy Spider? Or guess and test what will stick and what won’t? Or complete some other task before being allowed to throw something at the web?

Says the non-teacher in me: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hands On As We Grow Halloween Activity A Sticky Spider Web

[Hands On As We Grow]

Pebble Plaque

For the most part, this activity is good for getting outside and inhaling some of that stuff called fresh air.

For a small part, you’re adding to the growing list of Things That Will Baffle Future Archaeologists.


Parents dot com Pebble Plaque PM

[Parents dot com]

Whatcha doin’? Oh, just hanging from a balloon.

Hey remember those photo bookmarks?

It looks like you could take that idea and hang miniature people from balloons.

For that surprise birthday party you’re planning, use your Surprisee as the Balloon Hanger.

Or: have the whole group hanging from balloons. They send you their photos (ideally already shrunk to save you time). Then the first person who spots her/his balloon gets to tell the first story: “So I was just hanging from a balloon when…….”

Low Commitment Projects Hanging Around

[Low Commitment Projects: Hanging Around]

Tons o’ toilet paper later……

And suddenly I need to feed everyone fiber-filled meals, because just look at all of these toilet roll crafts that need to be made!!

Got any recipe suggestions?

No bananas.

Oh! Prunes!! Oooooooh………………

Childmade Tutorials Paper Roll Puppy

[Kids Kubby and Childmade Tutorials!]

My Magic Heart Wand

It’s a not-very-clear phone photo of what is hands down my most favorite-est classroom magic wand.

Yes, it works best in the classroom, but it’s worked some wonders on the playground.

So happy it’s mine!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Bob! ありがと!

Bobs Magic Wand

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