Those snowflake ballerinas

Half of the household is looking forward to the local production of The Nutcracker.

Half of the household is looking forward to snow.

Half of the household is looking forward to both.




You can make snowflakes, yes?

Fold a snowflake in half, cut a small slit in the middle, and insert a ballerina body [helpful template and how-to-do].

Happily repeat.

Krokotak Snowflake ballerinas for little hands

Make a chain:

Krokotak Snowflake ballerinas for little hands2

Feeling confident with those? Fantastic! Now try this trickier body shape (swooooooooooooon).

[Krokotak: gallons of amazing artful goodness!]

Roosevelt Franklin’s Alphabet Song

I’ll offer a whole big pile of hugs and grins to the mother and son team that successfully recreates Roosevelt Franklin’s Alphabet Song in real life.

Deep voice optional (that’s Matt Robinson singing!), and oh yes, if you’re playing Roosevelt, do be careful with those grin-inducing head throwbacks.

Bonus smiles: download the song and get the whole class to groove along. (Saaaaay, I’m a poet….)

[Love it! Thank you!]

That Lion Dance World Record

3,971 boys and girls from central Changhua County in Taiwan recently set a world record for performing a lion’s dance. Practice was for a year, and the performance had to last at least 5 minutes.

I’m curious to pieces: how did the organizers get 3,971 boys and girls to do something coordinated for more than one minute?

Boy oh boy would this photo make an excellent puzzle, yes?

That Noh-dancing robot

Still need to meet your randomness quotient for the day? Here, this should help.

Hoppity hoppity hop. *triple grin*

More on Toko Toko Maru (Japanese only).

And that’s all the randomness I can handle for now. I’m going to bed.

Terrific (Cheap) Tap Tap Tap Shoes

My grandma used to make these tap shoes for the grandkids!

1. Take a 20cm-long piece of wide elastic and thread it through a big metal washer. (What’s your largest coin? The washer should be about the same size.)

2. Tie the elastic around the toe part of each shoe, adjusting the washer so that it lies flat.

3. Repeat on the other shoe.

4. Repeat on your child’s shoes.

5. Play your most happiest foot-tapping music and dance to your friend’s house! Show her how to make these!

6. When you’re done tap tap tapping for the day, put the washers away in a safe place  ok?


Wait…did my grandpa make these for us?

Or maybe it was my mom…?


That’s some serious hip swinging choreography. It doesn’t hurt?

Listen to “Prisencolinensinainciusol” and smile, especially when you realize they’re not singing (rapping?) in Italian.

I can’t give you the English lyrics…because they’re not singing in English, either.

They’re singing gibberish Italian that sounds like English. Neat, ja?

Eh? Singing gibberish that sounds like English? That’s not original, you say. Doesn’t Bob Dylan always…?

Italian Adriano Celentano composed and performed “Prisencolinensinainciusol” in 1972, and it’s been enjoying a new surge of popularity in the past year or so. The Word Nerds among us are delighted.

But how to remember the spelling???

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