Button cookie, button cookie, who’s got the button cookie?

Just a quick question or three before I find out exactly how easy it is to make button cookies:

It says here to sew thread through a small stack of buttons. Do I use one of those sharp metal pointy thingies? Can you help me with that part, please?

Or can I skip all that decorating stuff and go straight to eating the cookies?

Eh? I should share the cookies??

Maybe you can help me with that part, too.

There are a bazillion button cookie recipes out there. Today I like For Chic Sake‘s version best.

For Chic Sake Milk Button Cookies Recipe

Inhabitots: Red Velvet Cupcakes (the video)

You’ll need to watch this video at least twice: once to giggle to pieces over the 4-year-old pastry chef, and once to catch the recipe tips ‘n tricks. [3 mins 37 sec one way]

Also: Pete is a 4-year-old who is all kinds of comfy in the kitchen? I’m a little bit older than 4, and I still haven’t made red velvet anything.

Off I go to investigate what other 4-year-olds are baking these days.


A year later: Puppies and perspectives

Unlike last year, I’ve had reminders a-plenty about Easter.

I’m reposting this video to help me reflect on all that has happened in the past year (although after a mere 3 rounds of all that fluffiness, it’s a bit hard to reflect coherently).

But it’s also just all about the fluff.

Must have the fluff.

Mini mask-less masks: The rabbit

Quick, draw a bunny face!

Did you draw the whiskers? (Whiskers…such a fun word to say!)

Have the older ones help the younger ones wrap the chenille stems around a popsicle stick.

Read a story and do a round or two of hide-and-go-seek while waiting for the pink pompoms to dry.

Demonstrate helpful holding techniques, then help get people ready for their close-ups.

Instant grinnage, yes?

Kailo Chic: Fun Easter Crafts

Kailo Chic: Fun Easter Crafts

[Kailo Chic]

Fondant-less Bunny Cupcake Toppers

Is the Easter bunny a boy bunny or a girl bunny?

The Easter bunny? Well, the Easter bun…

‘Cause look here: they’re all wearing bow ties. See?

Yes, but…

Boy bunnies wear bow ties, girl bunnies don’t.

Right, but…

So the Easter bunny is a boy bunny. What do girl bunnies wear and what do they do at Easter?

Girl bunnies wear…wait….


Goodness, thank you, I thought you’d never ask. Yes, please!

Oh Happy Day Bunny Cupcake Toppers

[Oh Happy Day]

Making Easter magic in the muffin pan

Hey, do you still use your muffin pan to make muffins?

Make muffins? Pfffft…who does that anymore? Goodness no, not muffins. For muffins we use our electric muffin maker.

Today: coloring Easter eggs and finally using *all* of the colors in the package! Yay!

Lakeline Easter eggs in muffin tin

Photo credit: Lakeline


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