Tons o’ toilet paper later……

And suddenly I need to feed everyone fiber-filled meals, because just look at all of these toilet roll crafts that need to be made!!

Got any recipe suggestions?

No bananas.

Oh! Prunes!! Oooooooh………………

Childmade Tutorials Paper Roll Puppy

[Kids Kubby and Childmade Tutorials!]

Those felt fortune cookies

How’d I miss these felt fortune cookies when they first showed up on the craft-making scene?

I haven’t made them yet, so I don’t know how much of the whole how-to my young learners can manage.

I’ll swipe the idea of changing the felt colors to match whatever the exciting occasion is.

And I’ve already thought of the fortune that will go inside: “You found your fortune! This is it! Yay!”

Erm….I shouldn’t have said that fortune out loud, eh?

Okay, we’ll think of new ones.

Happy fortune cookie making!

Martha Stewart Felt Fortune Cookies

[Martha Stewart]

Pepperminty Numbers (and Letters, too!)

Numbers Writing Practicers, this one is for you!

Alphabet Writing Practicers, ask your Favorite Teacher to tweak this to use the alphabet!

What? You ate all of the peppermint candies from your wreath? Already?

Oh wait whew, no you don’t need the actual candies. Hard to laminate that way.

But oooh I wonder if you can change the design as needed to hearts, shamrocks, blueberry muffins…….

Touch Point Number Cards Holiday Mints by K Bithell

[Teachers Pay Teachers: Krystie Bithell’s Touch Point Numbers]

Santa, Where Are You?

And when you get here, could you do some forwarding for me?

These bags of love need to go under the trees of the families whose Little Ones couldn’t make it to Christmas this year.

Thanks, Big Guy.

[Super Simple Songs]

Santa Santa Santa Santa Whoops Santa Whoops….

Seriously, though.

What kind of boots does Santa wear?

They give him so much traction!

Well, usually.

I’ll take two pairs, please, size elebenty-six, extra comfy.

Handprint Santa Falling Blogadilla

Handprint Santa Falling 2 Blogadilla

Aaannnd….what color are his mittens supposed to be??

Nope. I’m still not tired of hand print art. Are you?

Reindeer, Reindeer!

Scoot your little one close to a table and set her loose making this:

Fireflies and Family Rudolph Rings in Season

While she’s busy doing that, you scoot around to the back of her head and set yourself loose putting her hair together like this:

Princess Piggies Holiday Hairstyles Rudolph

[Fireflies and Family and Princess Piggies!]

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