Inhabitots: Red Velvet Cupcakes (the video)

You’ll need to watch this video at least twice: once to giggle to pieces over the 4-year-old pastry chef, and once to catch the recipe tips ‘n tricks. [3 mins 37 sec one way]

Also: Pete is a 4-year-old who is all kinds of comfy in the kitchen? I’m a little bit older than 4, and I still haven’t made red velvet anything.

Off I go to investigate what other 4-year-olds are baking these days.


Hearty Tomato

Tomatoes aren’t in season here, so this may have to patiently wait until later this summer.

But if you do happen to have a bunch of tomatoes (bunch of grapes…bunch of tomatoes?) hanging around, trace a nice heart shape on a piece of paper.

Then wash all of your hands and all of the tomatoes, and get to work trying to keep the tomatoes inside the lines.

Yay if it works, seriously no worries if it doesn’t.

Kelly Vee Photography

Happy Hearts and Acute Glitterlung

Any art teachers out there?

You guys totally rock!

Here’s what amazes me: after a project that involves gallons of glitter and glue, how do you get the students all cleaned up again???

[Kinda small and hard to read this, eh? Click on the image, then look for the little magnifying glass in the lower right corner. Click on that.]
Richard Thompson Cul De Sac Glitterlung

[Richard Thompson’s Cul De Sac: preschoolers at their best!]

My heart is like a red red painted roll of toilet paper

First, if you haven’t visited yet, scoot over to congratulate Rust & Sunshine: the Friendly Photographer Family is expecting its next Bundle of Adorableness any day now!


Next, I haven’t tried this Toilet-Paper-Roll-Turned-Heart-Stamp activity yet, so I don’t know how it will go. But I adore the idea, because it looks perfect for eager Toddler Hands.

And did you see? There’s paint involved!

Oh happy day!

Aaaaand, says Rust & Sunshine, you can take a nice splashy bath when you’re finished.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Can we take a nap when everything is cleaned up?

Rust n Sunshine Heart Stamps

[Congratulations on the baby, Rust & Sunshine!]

Those easy paper clip hearts

Oh look!

Easy DIY entertainment idea for during the staff meeting this Friday!

How About Orange Heart Shaped Paper Clips

[How About Orange]

Mad Lib Love

The English teacher in me is highly recommending giving the older students Mad Libs for Valentine’s Day.

Yes, Mad Libs are often fantastically corny.

Yes, Mad Libs are almost always terrific fun.

Yes, Mad Libs are a perfect way to do slip in some grammar review, because right now I’m convinced those students will up and revolt the next time I mention their rules-filled grammar books.

Dear Valentine Mad Lib Letters!

Mad Libs Dear Valentine Letters

Spoonful Mad Love

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