Missing game pieces? Milk lids!

Be a Fun Mum has a pile of nifty uses for milk bottle lids.

My favorite? Put photos of players in the caps. This way you can still play the board game long after half of the original player pieces have disappeared.

And disappear they will, right? Where do they go??

Go check out the rest of the milk bottle lid ideas!

Be a Fun Mum milk bottle lids game pieces

That list of 100 ways to be kind to your child

How did I miss this list last year?

Let your brain cells scamper around the various ideas here, borrowing ideas that work for you and politely leaving those that don’t.

#85. I did that today!

#32. Naw. Never. Nope nope nope. *grin*

Feel free to add new ideas.

Be amazed at what you come up with.

Will you share?

Creative With Kids 100 Ways to be kind to your child

[Creative With Kids]

Oh go fly a kite. Really? Ok!

Now seems like a good time to build a kite.

Has it been a while since you last made one?

Here, a nifty how-to to help you along.

Earth Day is Monday, you know.

Go fly a kite and smile.


[Talk Crafty To Me]

Those Monster Storage Bins from P’Kolino

P’Kolino came up with that Klick table, remember?

Now, Monster Storage Bins.

I’ll take a bazillion of each, please.

See the small one in green? Can they make it as a backpack?

PKolino Monster Storage

[P’Kolino via Kid Crave]

DIY Project: Old crib, new shelving unit

Find an unused baby crib.

Convert it to a nifty shelving unit.

Wonder how on earth you never thought of doing this before.

Holamama Cuna reconvertida en mesa de trabajo


IdaFrosk: Fantastically Fun Breakfast Food

Because you can take the kid out of Japan, but nope nope nope, you can’t take Japan out of the kid.

When you’re finished squealing along with me, gallop over to IdaFrosk to scoop up all sorts of fantastic breakfast decorating ideas.

P.S. Anybody else notice the socks? ::triple grin::

Ida Frosk Fujisan Food

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