You’re never too wacky, too wild

This short version will do for today.Youre Never Too Old

Come the second day of March next year, you should have the whole thing memorized! Plenty of time!

Ready? Go!

BloesemKids: those caramel popcorn lollipops

The peppermint sticks suggest that these caramel popcorn lollipops are a Decemberish holiday sort of snack, yes?

If I can find peppermint sticks in June, then I don’t care what they say, I see no point in waiting until December to make these.

Besides, stick one of these in my happy fists and I won’t even care anymore how c-a-r-a-m-e-l is pronounced.

[BloesemKids: always cool ideas for and about kids!]

Creating Really Awesome Free Things: 59 hand and foot print art projects

Just when you thought you’d tried every possible hand print and footprint craft out there, Creating Really Awesome Free Things rounded up 59…59!!!…hand print and footprint craft projects.

Flip through the list. Some ideas you probably already know. Keep reading and raise your hand when you see a print project that is new to you. Oh and please do give C.R.A.F.T. a polite tap on the shoulders if you can add to her list.

Got kids, paint, paper, feet, hands, and a few days before the summer break starts? Good. Go!

Say hi and thank you to C.R.A.F.T. over at Pinterest!

Hear hear for ears! Bunny ears!

The adorable child apparently is not included with these rabbit ears.

I checked the instructions at least twice for that.

And oh you have to make the ears yourself. That’s okay for you, yes?

Hop on over to see how, and, yes, I promise I’ll take all the credit when your little ones insist on wearing their bunny ears to school.

Run to find your fabulous little ones and make these bunny ears for them. And oh most kindly please don’t forget the adults among us: I’ll take 3, please.

Kangaroos and Friends: The Silent Types

A kangaroo hops into a classroom and says…..well, now what does a kangaroo say?

A few years ago I got stumped with elephants, who trumpet, yes, but what do they actually say?

And now that Super Simple Learning has released Animals, I have a happy huge list of terrific-to-gesture animals, but I don’t know what they say.

A cat says meow.

A dog says woof.

A sheep says baaa.

Kangaroo? Rabbit? Squirrel? Alligator?


All I know for now is that they’re not on Old McDonald’s Farm.

Someone somewhere has an explanation for this, yes?

Sign Language ABC with Linda Bove

The mother of one of my students showed me this Sesame Street sign language book this morning.

She said her mother had bought it ages ago and happened to find it again. Love to both mothers!

For each letter, there’s the American Sign Language sign, a few words, and maybe a sentence.

The whole book is completely unintimidating, which is how I like my ABCs.

Well now I want my own copy!

Off I go, because I’m pretty sure there was at least one other Sesame Street signing book, yes?

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