Q as in Quapple

Out of habit, I’m almost always likely to say, “A as in Apple”.

B is pretty much always “Banana”.

C is “Carrot”.

Naturally, all of my ears perk up when I hear what other languages do.

Take a look at Nicole Designs’ fruit and vegetable alphabet.

Gorgeous isn’t it? (Oh, you should see the rest of the site!!)

And no, I wasn’t really thinking, because I immediately galloped off to find out in which language people say, “Q as in…Quapple??”

Oh silly me.

Nicole Designs dot nl alphabet

Nicole Designs dot NL Alphabet Q

[Nicole Designs]

ABCs for young learners: Dot stickers and a paper towel tube

Dot stickers for alphabet practice!!!

I love how flexible this idea is:

a) You can practice upper case letters.

b) You can practice lower case letters.

c) You can mix them up.

d) You can do only a few letters.

e) You can practice numbers.

f) You can use scrap paper if you don’t have enough empty paper towel rolls.

g) Older learners can make these for younger learners.

h) Not into letters or numbers? Practice shapes!

And then there’s that whole bonus part of this being portable and easy to put together, it’s manageable and non-tear-inducing for young learners, aaaaannd…dot stickers! *swoon*

Testy Yet Trying Car Ride Activities Set 1

[Testy Yet Trying rocks!]

Pepperminty Numbers (and Letters, too!)

Numbers Writing Practicers, this one is for you!

Alphabet Writing Practicers, ask your Favorite Teacher to tweak this to use the alphabet!

What? You ate all of the peppermint candies from your wreath? Already?

Oh wait whew, no you don’t need the actual candies. Hard to laminate that way.

But oooh I wonder if you can change the design as needed to hearts, shamrocks, blueberry muffins…….

Touch Point Number Cards Holiday Mints by K Bithell

[Teachers Pay Teachers: Krystie Bithell’s Touch Point Numbers]

That list of ABC snacks for young ABC learners

Alphabet Snacks!

You know, a snack for each letter of the US alphabet.

(U?? Oh come on…does that one count??)

No no no, the idea isn’t all *that* exciting and new.

I just like having all these snacks in one helpful-to-me place.

And they’re mostly healthy, too!

ABC Countdown, ABC Snacks, together at last!


A necklace is a necklace by any other use?

Well, yes, this is a necklace.

It’s draped around the neck.

Therefore, it’s a necklace.

Brilliant for anyone with metal allergies, for grabby toddler hands, and for those of us happily addicted to grin-inducing accessories.

It’s also brilliant for those who want to practice making shapes and letters, and to play a couple rounds of cat’s cradle.

After all that excitement, am I still supposed to call it a necklace?

[Check out loads more at KnitKnit!]

Your Town, from Alpha to Zed. Zee. Omega.

My guess, and it’s just a super sorta random guess, is that an illustrator who lives in your village/town/city made an ABC book/card/poster of the various highlights of your area.

You know, something recognizable for each letter of the alphabet.

Sensibly, you really really must help your kids do the same, yes?

Arm them with cameras, an ABC list, and some snacks to munch on while they work.

When each letter has been represented, choose the favorites, and make an ABC book/card/poster.

And then what?

Make copies and hand them to guests who visit over the next few weeks. On those days when you furiously want 10 minutes to yourself, make your guests go out to find and photograph themselves next to at least 10 of the highlights before they can come back.

That oughta do it.

[Hey, Londoners, a little help, please: what is G???]

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