Crunch! Squirt! Squish! (A noisy food game)

From the pages of Mudluscious (page 86, to be exact) comes this noisy food game.

It looks like a great fun activity, yes?

However I haven’t tried it yet, and I am therefore still anticipating how things might go.

I am also picturing all the bottles of pop I know and can’t figure out how I would “bite” into one to get a squirt.



Children love to make noises with food. In this game, they will have to think what makes noise. There aren’t “right” or “wrong” answers — just lots of possibilities.

Children are seated in a circle. The leader takes a bite of an imaginary food and says, “Crunch,” then passes the “food” to the child on her right. This child repeats the action and the sound. The last child in the circle names a crunch food. Potato chips? Celery? A frozen icicle? (You may need to prompt shy children at first.)

Next, the leader bites into a “squirt” and passes it on. Is it a grapefruit? A dill pickle? A bottle of pop?

Finally, try a “squish.” What sounds “squish”? A ripe banana? Mashed potatoes? Mud pie?

Make up your own sounds and let the children try their own!

EFL Clipart Cook

S is for Super Seesaw Stunts

We’re still not allowed to play tag because it’s too dangerous?

Okay, can we do this Korean seesaw thing instead?


Tic Tac Toe Food




Game over!


Um…Can you pretty please slice a few more veggies for us so that we can play again?

Thank you!

Cute Food For Kids Edible Playable Food

[Another good one from Cute Food For Kids]

Uno Cards: More than just the Uno game

Oh look: Picklebums helpfully rounded up a list of Other Games To Play With Uno Cards.

Yay me, I would have made a similar list if it would have ever occurred to me to do so.

Add your games to list, then stuff the whole thing plus a deck of Uno cards in your Entertainment Bag.


Picklebums Games You Can Play With Uno Cards

13 Magic Tricks and Illusions

Most likely you’ve done a whole bunch of these magic tricks and illusions already. (‘Cept the book one. I love it. Try *that* with an e-reader…HA!)

Yes, do refresh your memory if you can’t quite remember how they go. It’s all good, educational fun.

Then off you scoot to help the next generation of illusionists put some magic up their sleeves.

And oh, stop by your Favorite Scientist’s room to say thank you for the explanations!

Spoonful Power of the Printed Page


Michael Rosen: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Quite likely you’ve already seen Michael Rosen perform his We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, yes?

This is so furiously grin inducing, I vote for the whole school to learn it and perform it. Make it a tradition!

Giggle. Laugh. Giggle. Laugh.


(Oh ridiculously happy me: Michael Rosen performs a *pile* of his poems!!!)

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