Crunch! Squirt! Squish! (A noisy food game)

From the pages of Mudluscious (page 86, to be exact) comes this noisy food game.

It looks like a great fun activity, yes?

However I haven’t tried it yet, and I am therefore still anticipating how things might go.

I am also picturing all the bottles of pop I know and can’t figure out how I would “bite” into one to get a squirt.



Children love to make noises with food. In this game, they will have to think what makes noise. There aren’t “right” or “wrong” answers — just lots of possibilities.

Children are seated in a circle. The leader takes a bite of an imaginary food and says, “Crunch,” then passes the “food” to the child on her right. This child repeats the action and the sound. The last child in the circle names a crunch food. Potato chips? Celery? A frozen icicle? (You may need to prompt shy children at first.)

Next, the leader bites into a “squirt” and passes it on. Is it a grapefruit? A dill pickle? A bottle of pop?

Finally, try a “squish.” What sounds “squish”? A ripe banana? Mashed potatoes? Mud pie?

Make up your own sounds and let the children try their own!

EFL Clipart Cook

That toddler cupcake matching game

Yes, there is that whole discussion about how you shouldn’t introduce sugar to your young child.

Best to wait until she is 36 or so and can handle it.

Okay, I made up that last part.

But some might sensibly argue that if your Little One is still working on learning her colors, exploring this through the happy use of cupcakes might not be the wisest decision.


Naptime Crafter Cupcake Matching Game

No-tech outdoor-game game time!

Mental fun: Name at least 30 analog games to play.

Big tip: List tag and then break that down to freeze tag. Then break *that* down to TV tag. Yay, you have 3 games right there. You only need 27 more.


Next, compare your list with this one, 30 classic games for simple outdoor play.

Put a mark next to each game you’ve played in the last 4 weeks.

Physical fun: Choose a game or three from your list, round up your neighborhood families, and take over that nice grassy area at the park.

Repeat frequently.


P.S. Hide and Seek? Or Hide and Go Seek? Which do you say?

Geek Dad 30 Classic Games for Simple Outdoor Play

[Geek Dad]

Missing game pieces? Milk lids!

Be a Fun Mum has a pile of nifty uses for milk bottle lids.

My favorite? Put photos of players in the caps. This way you can still play the board game long after half of the original player pieces have disappeared.

And disappear they will, right? Where do they go??

Go check out the rest of the milk bottle lid ideas!

Be a Fun Mum milk bottle lids game pieces

S is for Super Seesaw Stunts

We’re still not allowed to play tag because it’s too dangerous?

Okay, can we do this Korean seesaw thing instead?


Count to elebenty-two, then come find me, ok?

Helpful discovery:

You know how many Toddlers play hide and go seek using the sensible rule of “If I can’t see you, then you can’t see me”?

Turns out Toddler Giraffes use the same rule:

Shy Giraffe

Let’s go find out how the other Toddler Zoo Animals play. Start with the Toddler Pandas.

[Image via redditt — no no no, not for toddlers…..]

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