Tiny Teacher Tip #2: Counting out games and the mosh pit

When you teach your young learners a counting out or elimination game, arrange it so that you are the first one out of the game. It’s no fun being out while Teacher still gets to play.

Plus, it’s then easier for you to monitor the rest of the game.

They’ll likely copy you: as you leave, show them that it’s really okay to be out of the game.

Students who are out of the game can either start up their own round of counting out or, as one of my own students just taught me, they can sit in the mosh pit in the middle of the circle.

One potato, two potato…….

My Magic Heart Wand

It’s a not-very-clear phone photo of what is hands down my most favorite-est classroom magic wand.

Yes, it works best in the classroom, but it’s worked some wonders on the playground.

So happy it’s mine!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Bob! ありがと!

Bobs Magic Wand

Marshmallow Plunking: Catch ’em doing the right thing!

Catch who?

Doing what?

I keep forgetting to catch my students following the rules and being good citizens.  You know, being helpful and whatnot.

Especially the whatnot.

Marshmallow plunking might help!

I can start plunking marshmallows into a mug every time I catch my students being kind, following the rules, and specifically doing the right thing, and the big friendly

At the end of the month – oh, let’s start this in January, shall we? – the group with the most marshmallows gets to sip hot chocolate with me.

Oooh small issue: that pile of stale marshmallows at the end of the month…what to do? Hm, marshmallow crafts, anyone?

The Creative Classroom I love that Classroom Management Idea

[The Creative Classroom: Thank you!]

Squares For Sweeping

You know how when you’re sweeping a room, you sweep the dust bunnies into a neat pile?

And then you go to another part of the room to sweep some more and you make a new pile of dust bunnies?

And then you walk around the room a couple times and then eventually remember you left the dustpan in the other room?

And then you come back to the first room and you can’t find those dust bunnies because they’ve scurried right back to where they came from?

This only happens to me?

A whole bunch of bright parents share this tip: tape a destination square onto the floor. Aim to get all the dust in there. Easier to find, easier to clean up.

Sooooo much better than my method!

Got tape?

[How We Montessori]

Snap Judgment’s “Teacher, Teacher” Podcast

It’s nearly midnight my time. Do you know where your favorite teachers are?

If you’ve ever had a favorite/not-so-favorite teacher, and especially if you are a teacher now, then you really must treat yourself to the latest Snap Judgment podcast, “Teacher, Teacher”.

The hour of short stories explores different angles of a classroom environment, from both the teacher’s and from the student’s perspective. Pass notes if you must, but only to tell everyone else about this podcast.

And oh about halfway through, you’re going to start wondering what happened to all of your favorite teachers. Go find them.

Facebook? Yep!

When do children begin to think?

Need a topic starter for your next playground date? Of course you do!

Wrap your brain cells around RadioLab‘s podcast Voices in Your Head. It’s fascinating, especially the part where they discuss when children start to think.

Do you agree with Vygotsky?

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