Quiet Spray

Too much chitter-chatter?

Try this: an empty spray bottle helpfully labeled Quiet Please.

Squeeze the trigger, and the empty shh! gently spreads Quiet Spray where needed.

Hmmm…I predict that about two-thirds of my bunch will behave as intended.

The remaining third will promptly collapse into a pile of contagious giggles.

No amount of spritzing will stifle The Giggles.

But then, who wants to be The Giggler Stifler? Not I!

[Mrs. Karen’s Class via Clutter-Free Classroom]

How did you go to the store?

Your writing teacher has temporarily banned the word went.


Fear not! Splutter not!

Here are 250 alternatives to the word went.


No! Went!

I toddled to the store.

I crawled to the store.

I shimmied to the store. [Ooh la la!]

I waltzed to the store.

I peregrinated to the store.

I went to the store?

No no no.

How booooooooring.

[Write At Home: 250 Ways to Say Went]

“Can I tell you a joke?” he shyly asked.

When one of your shyest students offers you a handful of corny jokes and riddles that you already know the punchline to and that were last hysterical back when you were 8 years old, then first you applaud the courage to tell a joke in another language.

Then you laugh uproariously, as you would have when you were 8 years old and thought the jokes were hysterical.

No, wait.

Laugh first, applaud second.

And, yes, you can tell me a joke.

Googly eyes ‘n pipe cleaners (‘n a little bit o’ glue): finger puppets!

Remember Lejo and his finger puppets? I love those puppets!

Make and Takes‘ [previously] pipe cleaner and googly eyes are a manageable modified version of those puppets.

Plus, these are quick to make, and you can teach everyone to make a whole handful (ahem) of puppets.

Let the conversations begin!

From this….

…to this!

Grin-inducing work this is, and I just can’t get enough:

[Dank je!]

Brain Sprinkles!

Brain Sprinkles!

You know, for when your brain needs a boost!

Oh please oh please tell me Brain Sprinkles aren’t just for first graders. I could use a whole inflatable pool full of sprinkles some days.

Mrs. Cooley’s site is inspired by the Junie B. Jones books. When did you last read them? I have got to set aside a weekend to re-read all of those (yes, they’ve been ebook-ed)!

101 Tiny Teaching Tips: #1

Okay, only one Tiny Teaching Tip so far.

Physically drop to or below your students’ eye level when you need to listen to them. Stand up when you need them to listen to you.

One hundred more to go!

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