Button cookie, button cookie, who’s got the button cookie?

Just a quick question or three before I find out exactly how easy it is to make button cookies:

It says here to sew thread through a small stack of buttons. Do I use one of those sharp metal pointy thingies? Can you help me with that part, please?

Or can I skip all that decorating stuff and go straight to eating the cookies?

Eh? I should share the cookies??

Maybe you can help me with that part, too.

There are a bazillion button cookie recipes out there. Today I like For Chic Sake‘s version best.

For Chic Sake Milk Button Cookies Recipe

Popsicle Garlands

First thoughts: Wait, how many popsicles will we need to make and eat so that we have enough to make this garland? Ohhhh….that’s a whole bunch of popsicles. Tummyache time. Oef.

Realization: Wait! We can simply buy a kit! Yay!

Second thoughts: Wait…. I’d rather make and eat the popsicles. Mmmm…….!

Paper Source: Popsicle Garland

[Paper Source via Kid Crave via Swiss Miss]

Inhabitots: Red Velvet Cupcakes (the video)

You’ll need to watch this video at least twice: once to giggle to pieces over the 4-year-old pastry chef, and once to catch the recipe tips ‘n tricks. [3 mins 37 sec one way]

Also: Pete is a 4-year-old who is all kinds of comfy in the kitchen? I’m a little bit older than 4, and I still haven’t made red velvet anything.

Off I go to investigate what other 4-year-olds are baking these days.


Tic Tac Toe Food




Game over!


Um…Can you pretty please slice a few more veggies for us so that we can play again?

Thank you!

Cute Food For Kids Edible Playable Food

[Another good one from Cute Food For Kids]

Fresh orange juice: Splatter on, my friend, splatter on

My dad’s navel oranges are at their best right now, and I could eat them all right now.

Remember squeeters?


Remember that Japanese portable juicer thing?

Cool. Catchy song, too.

Remember manually peeling an extremely juicy orange and making a happy mess because the fresh orange juice  splattered all over you?


If I may gently observe, I think you’re missing out.

Go find a bag of oranges and dive face first into them.

Call everyone you know and repeat.

Japan Trend Shop Takara Tomy GureFuru ChuChu

[Japan Trend Shop]

It’s a mulberry! It’s a blackberry! It’s a…oooh, can I just eat it?

It’s been years since I was last on the family farm, which explains why I was having the umpteenth argument with myself that blackberries and mulberries look exactly the same.

Absent the source, and if I’m not able to touch ’em or taste ’em, yes, I’m going to confuse ’em.

Eating ’em? Ah, no problem!



They don’t look alike, though…do they?



[Mulberry and Blackberry]

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