Button cookie, button cookie, who’s got the button cookie?

Just a quick question or three before I find out exactly how easy it is to make button cookies:

It says here to sew thread through a small stack of buttons. Do I use one of those sharp metal pointy thingies? Can you help me with that part, please?

Or can I skip all that decorating stuff and go straight to eating the cookies?

Eh? I should share the cookies??

Maybe you can help me with that part, too.

There are a bazillion button cookie recipes out there. Today I like For Chic Sake‘s version best.

For Chic Sake Milk Button Cookies Recipe

American Sign Language fingerspelled cookies

Brilliant thinking: use a regular hand-shaped cookie cutter to make fingerspelled American Sign Language cookies. Find a cutter that has obvious fingers. Then, just before baking, fold the fingers over into the letter you need.


I was not going to come up with this simple idea … ever. Thrilled that someone else did.

About holiday cookie kits

Yes, yes, you could plan to give Make Your Own Cookies cookies kits this holiday season.

It’s a terrific idea, your children can put most cookie kits together while you supervise from the next room over, and you’re giving the gift of Something To Do.

I do believe, however, that the people you give these kits to secretly wish you’d simply bake the cookies for them.

You know how it is: cookie cravings demand immediate responses, not 45-minute delays while you hunt all over the kitchen for the missing wet ingredients you could have sworn were included in the kit, and then you still have to bake the cookies, let them cool, frost them….

No time for that.

Just bake the cookies.

Besides, you know cookies taste infinitely better when someone bakes them for you, right?

Want 7 more holiday gifts kids can make themselves?

Those home-made cookie ice cream bowls

I already have a whole bunch of muffin tins and therefore simply can not justify buying another from Wilton.


And I am entirely too capable of eating a whole bunch of regular cookies. What ever would I do with ice cream cookie bowls? Fill them with ice cream and eat them, of course.


There are four somewhat easy steps to smile-inducing happiness. You have been warned, yes? Good, now call the children and gallop to the kitchen.


That Home Made Cookie Stamp

You know how you spent all afternoon baking cookie after lovin’ cookie for that person?

(You have baked cookies before, yes? For someone else, yes? You didn’t just eat the cookie dough? I digress.)

And you know how the first squeals from that person expressed amazement at being given a whole pile of cookies?

And you know how the next squeals from that same person are always some variation of, “Did you make these yourself?”

And you know how you’re supposed to be modest and say something along the lines of, “Oh it was nothing! Just a lazy afternoon in the kitchen!”?

And you know how you really really really want to be not-modest?

Get the Home Made Cookie Stamp!

Stamp your cookies, and bam: questions answered and baking-related modesty turned off.

Nifty gifty, yes? Yes!

[The Spoon Sisters via Swiss Miss!]

Chocolate Afghans

So you’re testing a robot to make cookies, and the recipe you choose is Chocolate Afghans?

I would have picked jumbo blueberry muffins, because I’d want to see a robot hold a blueberry without squooshing it.

And what exactly are Chocolate Afghans? Until I read that cooking robot’s description, I’d never heard of these cookies/biscuits before. You?

Here is one recipe for Afghan Biscuits. You’ll easily find a whole bunch more recipes out there.

While you and the kids are making those, I’m going to run around asking all of my New Zealand and Australian friends what is so “Afghan” about these cookies.

Because that’s the part I just don’t get.

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