That 5-layer Greek dip

Ooooh! 5-layer Greek dip!

Drooling drooling drooling….

Scootch over a bit, 7-layer Mexican dip!

At your next gathering of Hungry People, set out bowls for individual servings, set out the ingredients, and count how many seconds it takes Your Average Dipper Maker (Dip Maker? Dippee? Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo) to put the layers together.

A Lovely Cupboard provides the how-to and the shopping list:
-hummus (homemade or store bought)
-red bell pepper
-Kalamata olives
-feta cheese
-fresh dill

Don’t forget the pita bread!



That carrot pumpkin needs more broccoli

Draw 4 or 5 pumpkin-y shapes on a clean shower curtain or plastic table cloth.

Your younger chef might need help with facial expressions, so draw those, too.

Carefully consult with your chef which mouths to draw. Happy? Sad? Scared? Angry? Baffled?

Dips for the eyes and nose, cucumber slices for the mouth, broccoli for the stem, and baby carrots everywhere else.

And if you think your guests might be mildly grossed out, get the older chef to quickly make a big one just before the party starts.

Off you go!

[Taste of Home]

Olive snakes on a plate!

Okay, first, olive snakes are actual real live genuine reptiles.

If you’re the sort who gets the royal squeamies at the mere sight of snakes, don’t look up what actual real live genuine olive snakes look like.

[Word Nerds: what is a group of eggs laid in a nest called? Look that up!]

Possibly more manageable for some is Cute Food for Kids‘s version of an olive snake.


Cute Food for Kids didn’t specify how long this particular olive snake should be.

I vote for you to just open up all the cans/bags of olives and start lining them up. When you run out of olives, that’s when you’re finished.

[Cute Food for Kids!]

Grouchy Broccoli and Roma Elmo: Easy Sesame Street-themed fruit and veggie platters

I’m going to file this under W for Why Didn’t I Think Of That And Yay Now That Someone Else Already Thought Of It What Are We Waiting For Let’s Make It Right Now!

I’d be content with just these platters, but wait! There’s more! Gallop to check out the rest of the grin-inducing ideas that went into this little girl’s first birthday!

[Uzbin Photography: That’s some good camera work going on there!]

Make guacamole, not war

I know, I know, avocados aren’t in season yet in most places.

I’m only politely helping you crave fresh guacamole even more.

You’ve taught all the children how to make guacamole, yes?

And they’ve been teaching everyone they know, yes?

What? You don’t eat avocados?

[Thanks! Caregivers, nope, that’s not a young-child-friendly site. Stick around here, if you can.]

That spiced pumpkin cream cheese recipe

If, in the next 45 seconds or so, you’re going to start wondering what to do with all that pumpkin, here, try Ezra Pound Cake’s spiced pumpkin cream cheese.

It looks uncomplicated enough to have ready for breakfast tomorrow morning, yes?

Off I go in search of cream cheese and pumpkin spices, because I think I’ll need to slather this on my favorite pumpkin muffins. Oh drool drool drool.

P.S. Pull up a chair and check out the rest of Ezra Pound’s meatless recipes. Made me want to take a few weeks off just to try them all!

[h/t to treehugger and]

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