A Galapagos tortoise walks into a room and says….

…says not a whole lot for at least 4 minutes.

This is a fascinating video! Here, read more about G. Tortoise and the Camera Guy, and start discussing.

And I mention all of this in case you’re planning to read The Tortoise and the Hare any time soon: you’re going to have to allow pleeeeeeeeeeennty of time  for that okay-let’s-race dialog, right?

I’ll go get snackage and a stack of jokes to help pass the time.

[Arlo Midgett via The Kid Should See This]

Susan Jay Design: That Closet Turned Into a Book Nook

Did you see the latest combo of books and shelves and closet space?

A closet turned into a reading nook!

Instant distraction!

When I grow up, I want a home full of such reading nooks.

May I be excused? I have some more drooling and wishing and “lookit how lovely!” sighing to do.

Nook in a closet

Nook in a closet

[Susan Jay Design]

Top shelf, 3rd book from the middle, please.

One might be forgiven for hoping that all the books inside the library are as big as the books on the outside of the building.


On the outside of the library.

This Dutch library is in a neighborhood where the streets are named after 18th and 19th century Dutch poets and writers.

The 250 books on the building are ceramic.

The book titles come from the works of those poets and writers.

And if one is disappointed by the smaller size of the books inside the library, one may certainly be forgiven for squealing in unsuppressed delight because there are so many more of them inside!

Good Ideas For You 250 Books Stored on Building Facade in Amsterdam

[Good Ideas For You]

Jacek Yerka: Walls of books, floods of knowledge

Behind every wall of books is a flood of knowledge.


Are you building a wall of books for your young learners and for yourself?

Please oh please oh please say yes.

Off I go to find out what a giclee is…….

[Jacek Yerka]

Go throw your TV set away!

Throw the TV set away?

The whole thing?

I happily swiped this from The Bookshelf Gargoyle.

Said Gentle Gargoyle muses on mostly children’s books and other book-related things from the perch of a bookshelf. Have you stopped by yet?

So, please, oh please, we beg, we pray

Go throw your TV set away.

And in its place you can install

A lovely bookshelf on the wall.

You see it’s from Roald Dahl.

Can you identify which book it’s from?


Okay, which one?

[Thank you!]

small + friendly: DIY reading fort for young readers


I’m in my Reading Fort.

Reading my books.

I’m happy.

Hope my mattress grows with me.


[Another terrific idea from small + friendly!]

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