Mini mask-less masks: The rabbit

Quick, draw a bunny face!

Did you draw the whiskers? (Whiskers…such a fun word to say!)

Have the older ones help the younger ones wrap the chenille stems around a popsicle stick.

Read a story and do a round or two of hide-and-go-seek while waiting for the pink pompoms to dry.

Demonstrate helpful holding techniques, then help get people ready for their close-ups.

Instant grinnage, yes?

Kailo Chic: Fun Easter Crafts

Kailo Chic: Fun Easter Crafts

[Kailo Chic]

Fondant-less Bunny Cupcake Toppers

Is the Easter bunny a boy bunny or a girl bunny?

The Easter bunny? Well, the Easter bun…

‘Cause look here: they’re all wearing bow ties. See?

Yes, but…

Boy bunnies wear bow ties, girl bunnies don’t.

Right, but…

So the Easter bunny is a boy bunny. What do girl bunnies wear and what do they do at Easter?

Girl bunnies wear…wait….


Goodness, thank you, I thought you’d never ask. Yes, please!

Oh Happy Day Bunny Cupcake Toppers

[Oh Happy Day]

Friday Meeting Fun: Teeny Tiny Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

Can you quietly add the how-to to this week’s meeting agenda?

And tell everyone to bring their own scissors, please.

I’ll bring the pipe cleaners and a few baskets to collect the bunnies after the meeting.


Makes and Takes Teeny Tiny Pipe Cleaner Bunnies[Amy from Makes and Takes]

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