Don’t eat the dog treats!

I am capable of eating plain, low-fat yogurt, and I can eat jarfuls of peanut butter.

Banana baby food? Probably ok.

I can eat honey.

Which means I can eat this frozen yogurt snack, right?

Until I stick a dog biscuit in each cup.

Then I can’t – won’t? – eat it.


Howzabouts I stick dog biscuits in only half of the treats?

Woof. Bow-wow. Arf.

Random Bits Of Goodness Doggie Fro Yo Recipe

[Random Bits of Goodness]

P.S. Northeastern United States-ians, I hope you stay warm and safe with that incoming pile of snow!

Maddie’s Possible Costume

To ghost or not to ghost, that is currently Maddie’s question.

Knock Knock, Trick or Treat! Who are you?

[Maddie makes me smile!]

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