Don’t just read the book. Be the book.

Ah, she’s Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland!

(Stripey socks! Yay!)

Now name the others, both character and book title.

Huge stack o’ bonus points if you can also name the authors!

[Apartment Therapy!]

Paper Craft Pumpkins

See how this goes?

You have to line up the various strips by size from smallest to biggest.


Middle to the left, then from that same middle to the right.

Oh boy.

Take your time if you’re new to this. You won’t mess up the pumpkin if you get the order confused (you’re giving it, erm…character).

Go make a whole bunch of these and hang them up for all to see.

Variety is the pumpkin spice of life, right?

[Hostess With The Mostess]

Those Li’l Pumpkin Bottoms from Laura Kruger


Sorry, can not manage coherent communication.

Will you just look at this!!

I repeat: Squiggley-deeeeeeeeee!

Boy oh boy oh boy does Laura Kruger know how to work the camera. Trot on over to say hi, ok?

Olive snakes on a plate!

Okay, first, olive snakes are actual real live genuine reptiles.

If you’re the sort who gets the royal squeamies at the mere sight of snakes, don’t look up what actual real live genuine olive snakes look like.

[Word Nerds: what is a group of eggs laid in a nest called? Look that up!]

Possibly more manageable for some is Cute Food for Kids‘s version of an olive snake.


Cute Food for Kids didn’t specify how long this particular olive snake should be.

I vote for you to just open up all the cans/bags of olives and start lining them up. When you run out of olives, that’s when you’re finished.

[Cute Food for Kids!]

Dentures for Pumpkins!

Yes, it is still early, and we should still be in the Idea Gathering Phase, not the Oh You Hafta See What I Found phase.


Dentures for pumpkins!

Exactly how am I supposed to contain my excitement when I discover dentures for pumpkins??

I can’t, I tell ya.

I just can’t.


Better timing than this? Not possible!

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day AND….(big drum roll, please)…..Super Simple Halloween Songs arrived at the office today!!!

Clap clap clap clap clap!

(Oh! So many boxes!)

super simple halloween songs

Run over to the website to see what the Super Simple Halloween Songs excitement is all about. Trust me, you’re going to love this kit! Let’s see, there’s a CD full of songs, and in the books you’ll find new games, new teaching ideas, new flashcards, a new  poster, and a whole pile of other new stuff, too much to list here!

I will definitely elaborate in future posts.

And if you want to translate this blog into Pirate (you do, don’t you? yes!), simply type in the AAAAAARRRL (URL) into the space at the bottom of this translator page. You’ll soon be grinning as widely as the Super Simple Halloween Pirate. (Such a happy guy! Suggestions for his name?)

Super Simple Halloween Songs Pirate BlurbAnd now it’s official: we can start thinking about Halloween!

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