Q as in Quapple

Out of habit, I’m almost always likely to say, “A as in Apple”.

B is pretty much always “Banana”.

C is “Carrot”.

Naturally, all of my ears perk up when I hear what other languages do.

Take a look at Nicole Designs’ fruit and vegetable alphabet.

Gorgeous isn’t it? (Oh, you should see the rest of the site!!)

And no, I wasn’t really thinking, because I immediately galloped off to find out in which language people say, “Q as in…Quapple??”

Oh silly me.

Nicole Designs dot nl alphabet

Nicole Designs dot NL Alphabet Q

[Nicole Designs]

Amazing Grace on a Cabbage Slide Whistle

That’s a Cabbage Slide Whistle!


That’s Amazing Grace!


That’s the same guy who made an avocado ocarina!


That’s the most eyebrow-raising thing I’ve seen all day!

Yep, that’s all I have to say.

[So much to like about him!]

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